Monday, October 12, 2009

24 Hours O' Moab

Chucky, Josh, Chris and I competed in the Co-ed Pro/Am category of this years 24 Hours of Moab. The team did well. The guys laid down some fast and consistent lap times. And Matt kept everything together for us. I felt as though I did not do as well as I had hoped. I just felt my lap times were slow. I also missed my single speed. Don't get me wrong I love my SuperFly, but I think I prefer Behind the Rocks on a one speed. Just sayin'. Maybe I need a superfly single speed.

This year I had the opportunity of doing a 5th lap. It is always surprising how much we really are capable of even when we don't think we can do it. I thought that 5th lap would be impossible. While I cannot say I felt good, I did not feel terrible.

Why is it guys don't lock the doors on the bathrooms late at night? So I was going down for my second night lap. After racking my bike, I stopped by the out house. I open the door of not one but two differt occupied johns. Luckily each of the guys' backs were to me and the third was was truely vacant.

Waiting for my first lap back at the camp

Chris making the exchange with Josh

Getting some rest before my fourth lap in the wee hours of the morning

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