Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Another day of riding

Having spent some time in Jackson Hole and doing some pretty longish rides, one might think we would be back to the grind of work today. Nope. Chris had suggested we take today off also so we could ride some of the trails up Provo (or American Fork if you would like) canyon. We parked the car at Sundance and happened upon Aaron and Duff who were headed in the same direction. We climbed the road with them, we peeled off at the parking lot for Timp Trail, while Aaron and Duff continued up the road. (Note: Aaron's shoulder which he separated--and apparently also cracked his clavicle--at Draper was still bugging him, so riding the road was much more comfortable.) Chris and I hit the single track and headed up Jurassic Park. It was a loose rocky climb on the lower part. The other portions were in better condition, but still surprisingly dry and loose. Chris said he would meet me at the upper parking lot and took off. I climbed steady. I expected him to come back for me, but he didn't. When I got to the top he was covered with dirt. He broke the Holley's cardinal rule of MTB--No Crashing. He hit his pedal on a rock and went flying. He was riding his toy bike and last time I was on my toy bike I did the exact same thing. We rode what we consider "the Ridge", but I know we ended up at Mud Springs and climbed Cascade. Back at the top, we hit Horse Flats, rehydrated at Timpanooke, and returned to Mud Springs, climbed up Cascade again and back down Jurassic Park. Again the lower part was not so much fun even coming back down. Chris was messing around on the bridge at the bottom and while doing a stoppie, he endoed. He hit his left quad and has been limping around since. Hopefully, it will heal quickly and/or ibuprofen will take the edge off. None the less, we planned on taking it easy the rest of the week.

 A dirty Chris post crash checking his cleat

 Chris rinsing off in the river much later in the ride

It was a fun high volume block. Including Saturday's race, we have ridden around 13 hours. Now it is time to recover and get fast, right?

A butterfly on my shoe while riding (stopped) in Jackson Hole

Chris enjoying his delicious Tram Bar which he purchased with his winning (gift certificate) from the race

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