Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Jackson Hole

We just got back from Jackson Hole last night and I am a bit tired. None the less, we raced on Saturday. I felt good throughout my race and ended up finishing pretty well. The course, as always, was great. This course is more technical than most, but it is blast. Apparently, though this was the last time we (ICUP) will be riding it. Teton Village has decided to cater primarily to downhill MTB. They are taking out the single track that is there and it will all flow from the top. It is too bad, but it makes sense. I had heard that no one MTB there in years past. Then the area got some grant money to develop trails, so the XC riding in the area is amazing.
 Chris off the line

 On the course

 Chris finishing

 KC finishing

We took a couple of days off and extended our weekend. We spent some quality time on the trails outside Wilson. We climbed up the old highway, continued up the Ridge crossing a few snow fields, and headed down Black Canyon. That is always a blast. We then headed back up and crossed over to Phillip's Canyon. We got to the bottom and from previous experience we knew exactly how to get back. Chris though believes we can get back on a little dirt road and single track. It will only be 30 minutes more, Chris says. That does not sound too long and I am a sucker for single track so we start climbing again. It took us 90 minutes to get back to the car. It was not bad with the exception of running low on water and having to ration, but that was not a new experience for those parts.
We also rode the Cache Creek area again. I was surprised at how much Chris remembered from last year. We took Putt-Putt to Hagen, but then wanted to go up Hagen and not down, so we took the Gauging Station Trail back up and caught Hagen further out. We climbed Hagen to Game Creek (I think) and came down Ferris and Hagen. We took Cache Creek Sidewalk back to Putt-Putt and were back in no time.


StupidBike said...

We endd up doing Arrow-Phillips Canyon-Phillips ridge, having no idea where we were, halfway down Phillips Canyon (super fun DH) I decided that there was no way I was hiking back up and didn't care if i ended up in Yellowstone, I was riding pavement back to the car, luckily we came upon the phillips ridge road and single track climb back to the cars.

KC said...

Sounds like Chris got the tired legs he was hoping for.