Saturday, June 19, 2010

Sherwood Hills ICUP 2010

Today's race was a bit better, okay lots better. I had bottle of CarboRocket on the way to the event site. I sucked down some more on my warm-up and then consciously drank during the race. While my legs hurt, I did not feel as though they were going to cramp at all. And it was a warm day too. It was probably 85 degrees finally. Interestingly, I did some research and while there is some research that shows weather (temperature), hydration, electrolyte replacement, and fatigue all MAY contribute to cramps, there is no truly understood cause. So I really don't know what helped me not cramp.
Sarah just toyed with me during the entire race. I knew what she was doing, but could not do anything about it. I could sense her behind me and would catch glimpses of her periodically. I tried to put time into her, but to no avail. Then almost exactly when I thought she would, she accelerated by me on a steady climb. I attempted to keep things in check, but she rode away on the final lap. And to add insult to it all, she was riding my bike. Nice. I guess I should have expected it. I can only hope I made it tough because I was hurting.
So Stu was giving both Sarah and me hand-ups on each lap. I had been leading as I said, but then on the final lap Sarah was in front. Stu, not expecting this, gave me Sarah's bottle (and apparently she got mine). I got nervous about taking her bottle and loudly told Stu it was not mine. Then I realized that she was in front of me and it was our final lap, so it was okay--I was not stealing her water. Next the guilt set in about "yelling" at Stu when he was graciously handing off water bottles. I apologized as soon as I finished. He laughed it off and explained the mix up.

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