Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Let it snow...just a little

No one is more surprised by this attitude than me. Don't get me wrong, I have been loving the riding I have been able to do. Chris and I have been riding the local trails like it is early spring or late fall. Yesterday, we actually put in close to five hours. Granted we planned on four. It got dark and cold on us. And when it got dark and cold, I just took my sunglasses off and could see. Even getting dark and cold, it still was great. We did a Dry Canyon Loop then headed North to Lambert Park and back again. We were joined by Keith (for a moment) and then Josh and Matt. We were plagued by flat tires, but my two were expected as I am still waiting for rim strips to come in for my 100. And tubes...well, they suck.
But Chris got/built/adapted me a snow bike for Christmas. This is a custom Holley special.


He took an old frame he got from the Shop. And had the chain stays and seat stays adjusted at a local metal shop. He also had them build a disc brake mount. Then he welded it back together elongating the stays to fit the bigger rim and tires. 

He drilled out my rims so they would be lighter and increased the Q-factor to accommodate the wheels and tires again.


He stole drive train, shifters, brakes and levers, and cranks, etc. from my Hi-Fi. He bought a Surly fork and put everything back together again.  Now I just need to find some snow.


Sabrosa Cycles said...

bitchin camero. nice work on the frame modification.

imageseer said...

That's awesome, what a clever gift! -james rees

imageseer said...

what a clever creative gift, awesome!

ER Dog said...

Wow! What a man! I am truly impressed. Can't wait to see it.