Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Still Dry

It still has not snowed in Utah. So we have tried to capitalize on the weather. It has been warm which makes the trails soupy. Thus we have had to be selective about where and when to ride. I had a great week of riding. I mentioned the five hours on the trails last Monday. That was followed up by some spin classes squeezed in between family entertaining. Then on Friday I hooked up with ET, EP, and AV in Draper. EP led the way around Corner Canyon ensuring we avoided the mud. It was warm but windy. I rarely get to go on rides with other girls so this was a treat. The pace was quick-ish but mellow. It was a blast.
Erika, Erica, Allison, KC
Over the weekend, we hiked around Goblin Valley and put in another 3 hours on our local trails. It was cooler when we rode which was less muddy and ultimately warmer.
Boss (nephew), Tom (bro), KC, Chris, Mom, Jac (Bro), Not pictured Suzy (SIL)

With no work on Monday, it was perfect for another long ride. With warm temperatures our trails would be a muddy mess. Thus we headed down to Moab with some friends. We squeezed in almost five hours of pedal time staying in the Bar M and Sovereign area*. It was delightful.
I say that I love Moab. I have heard others say the same. But I don't think anyone enjoys Moab as much as Josh Wolfe. He was whooping and hollering the whole time about how much fun he was having.
Photo by Jeff Higham: Adam, Chris, Chris, KC, Josh, not pictured Darrin and Jeff  

KC and Chris
Now that the holidays are officially over it will be harder to squeeze in the riding. Hopefully, I can keep it up. And I still would not mind some snow now that I have a new toy...and I like to drink water.

*We parked at Lion's park and took the path up to Bar M and hit Deadman's Ridge, Bar B, back on Bar M over to Sovereign out and back, took Bar M to the North 40, EZ and then took Deadman's Ridge down to the path and back. Good route. Good times.


Derek said...

KC, we are down in Moab and plan to do most of the ride you describe.

Is there any specific way you ride Sovereign?


KC said...

As an out n back, heading North first. We stay on the main (Mostly blue, I believe) trail until we get to the very top of the second climb. We take the junction to the left. It is actually the second to the last left junction before dropping into the North trailhead. It connects back to the main trail just before dropping down to Dalton Wells. On the return route we skip the detour a stay on the main trail the whole time.
Sorry if my explanation is not good. It all makes sense in my head.