Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Vision Quest IV

I have been traveling around South East Asia giving presentations in different markets to our (Nu Skin) distributors--5 presentations in 8 days. It has been so much fun not having to hassle with glasses. I have been able to see everything I needed very clearly. And being on planes for long periods of time alternating between sleeping and watching movies has been a breeze.
I have noticed an increased sensitivity to sunlight. It has been sunny here (in SEA). I have always loved the sun and seemed somewhat impervious to bright light. Chris would often say the sun is burning his retinas and I would just be soaking it up. My retinas will likely be burning with his now. One more thing we can bond over.
I went swimming for the first time also. I grew up swimming with my eyes open in chlorinated pools and it has never really bothered me. Until now. I swam for a mere 20 minutes the other day and my eyes HATED it! Wow. That is going to take some adjustment. Luckily I don't swim that often anymore.
I go in for my one month check-up on Friday. I should find out how good my sight actually is. I am pretty excited.
And I canNOT wait to see Chris on Thursday!!!!


KanyonKris said...

I'm glad your eye surgery is working well for you.

Anonymous said...

How is buskin anyways? I miss working with you- good times!