Sunday, January 08, 2012

Yay! We got snow

While we had plans to ride with some friends on a new to us trail, Mother Nature threw a much needed curve ball. It snowed...not a whole lot but a little. So we put the snow bikes on the car and headed North. As we approached Provo, it did not look like they received what we did. We kept driving and decided on heading up the Alpine Loop from Aspen Grove.

Loaded up and ready to go

We got the bikes off the car, put on warmer clothes, let out some air pressure and started up the road. Maybe 100 ft from the gate, I went down fast (not necessarily hard) and Chris came tumbling after me. I tried to get up but slipped again. I looked down and notice it was pure ice under the thin layer of snow. 
Oh yeah...the temps have been in the upper 40's and 50's. It makes sense the snow would have been melting and slushy and then froze with this storm. I probably went down five more times. Each time was hilarious. I would struggle to get on my feet. 
The snow definitely got deeper the further up we went. Some guys on ATV's passed us. Riding in their tracks was much easier. Climbing was awesome. I love my bike.

Chis after attempting to go down Jurrasic Park--snow was too deep

Ahh... the Ridge trail

At the top


While going up was great, coming down was not so much. It was so incredibly cold. Almost miserably cold. We made it though.

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