Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Rampaging the Red Rocks

The first ICUP race was this weekend and it did not disappoint. The weather was delightful. Notice how blue the sky is (see photos below). Amazing. I lined up with a new/old crop of usual suspects. A couple of the regulars were off racing each other elsewhere--congrats to Erica and Sarah--but then we had a couple of returners who had to sit last season out.
I had a pretty good race. I thought I started off smart, but maybe a bit too conservatively. I slowed a bit on my second lap. It was a mental thing that I should likely fix--stay focused! I raced on one water bottle as I shook off my first exchange and then bobbled my second. Luckily it was not too warm. Results are here.
After the race we still did quite a bit of riding. We hit Barrel Roll with a group as a "cool down". 
The next day, we got up and hit Zen (of course) and Barrel Cacti. Then headed over to Rockville and climbed the road up to Gooseberry and did a big lap up there. In total, I had about nine hours of saddle pedal time on the weekend. Not bad. 
My bike did not survive so well. It had issues. Nothing that really cost me any time, but some things that need to be fixed. Hopefully, all goes well and I will get it back soon. Poor little thing.

Thanks Jen and Shannon for the photos!

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