Monday, June 11, 2012

It is complicated

I may need to apologize as this post is very Dug, but I initially found the bathrooms in Japan somewhat complicated. While I have not had the guts to experience all that is offered in said bathrooms, I do now know how to get in and get out without confusion. My first time, I was baffled by it and could not figure out how to simply flush.

At the mall, there are the standard options which includes flushing sounds. Yes, it really makes the sound of a flush without flushing. This is apparently to help drown out  naturally occurring bathroom noises.

While my hotel facilities did not have as many options, it does allow for fine tuning the water pressure one might want. I thought about trying it, but could not bring myself to do so.


The office had similar features to the Mall. Again, as a public restroom you want the ability to maintain your dignity in the bathroom.
 At the airport options were on the side of the stall and seemed more high tech. Interestingly enough, two stalls down was a squatter. Talk about dichotomy.

Haneda Airport

Maybe on my next visit, I will be brave enough to some of the features. My concern is where the water is coming from. And then the drying....I just don't know.

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