Monday, November 05, 2012

MTB Hangover

I am so tired today--tired to my core--and hungry. I must have binged this weekend and am suffering the consequences. We went down and raced 25 Hours of Frog Hollow with Josh, Matt, and Tyson as a 5 person co-ed team. We shared camp with the regulars from UT county which is always awesome. They are just such fun people to be around. Here are a couple of things that stood out:
1. I don't have official lap times, but I think most of them were faster than my six hour lap times. I feel like I had a pretty decent race.
2. I ended up picking the fourth spot in our team rotation which means I ended up doing the final lap. Matt came in with just 10 minutes left before the course closed. We had done the math the earlier and I did not think I was going to do six, but we were wrong about when the course would be closed.
3. We doubled up our night laps during our third rotation. I guess we did this last year but I don't remember it at all. But it worked out pretty well.
4. I rode my Superfly (hardtail). It was good, but it beat me up at the same time. I wish I would have had more time on it before the race. It climbed amazingly, but was slower during the techy "rock garden" portion of the course.
5. I passed Monica (Batley) in almost the same exact spot on two different laps. But I never saw Joan, Natalie or any of the Fatty team or single speeder (Steel Panthers) out on course. Crazy how that works out.
6. Ellen (Guthries) was doing it solo and I scared her when I came up and gave her a push. I felt badly about startling her. She rocked the solo.
7. On one lap, I saw Larry's chain explode. And then Karl was walking because his back brake gave out. So when I got back to the start house, I had a couple of updates to give team members who were waiting. It was late and I found some comedy in that.

Joan, Steve, Gabe, Natalie, and Monica were on a team which had a stark contrast to ours. Steve and Gabe were talking about doubling up on laps but the girls would continue to do single. While on my team, I ended up with the final lap but there was no discussion about switching the order so the token girl did not have to do it. It was just understood that we would keep the order and not leave time on the clock. I had friends from other teams even question it. Apparently my team was more of the feminist sort as opposed chivalrous. Not that I cared at was just an interesting juxtaposition. 

So racing for the season is over. With the time change it gets dark early and it is surely going to start getting cold. That means migrating inside and some cross training are coming soon. But it hopefully my off season will also consist of some riding down South. 

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Ricky said...

Congratulations to both of you on a strong performance!