Monday, March 04, 2013

Sitting Out

I started to feel it late last week. Then after spin on Saturday morning, it was apparent I was getting sick with a head and chest cold. I barely moved the rest of Saturday, Sunday, or Monday. I didn't really sleep but just laid around. I knew I needed to rest (i.e. be inactive) was best for my body but it about kills the soul. I went back to work on Tuesday. I still had no energy and there was no way I was up to exercising. As the days passed it became apparent that I was not racing. My lungs had gunk in them that was close to being expelled.
On Saturday morning I did a couple of laps on the course as my venture back into physical activity. I enjoyed the sunshine and warmth. As the race started, I was on the side. I tried to keep a low profile as racer's took off. I did/attempted hand ups for Chris--I missed the first one. When I explained my plight it was met with sympathetic looks or empathetic nods or similar stories.
I learned something about myself. First, I am a better racer than a racer's wife. I seriously could not believe I missed the hand-up. I have much more respect for feed zone support. I have always been grateful but it not really as easy as it seems. Secondly, I am more selfish than I originally thought. The whole time I wished I was racing and not supporting.
Although, Chris killed it! And I was incredibly proud of him, his effort, and hard work. I was so excited for him and his success. Here are some photos.
Chris on the start line. (Photo cred: Jamie Rees)

On Course (Photo cred: MTB Race News)
MTB Race News has a write up. And congrats to other Kuhl riders on their podium finishes sweeping the Expert 30-39 podium, 4th in Pro Men, and 2nd in Pro Women. That's so Kuhl. 

We did some additional riding down there. Chris, Alex, Matt, and Jon were patient and let me ride with them. My legs felt pretty good, but the lungs didn't so much. I was easily out of breath. After a couple of hours my lungs started to hurt. At that point I told Chris I was done. As a group we were running low on water, so it wasn't must me completely wimping out. It definitely felt good on some levels to just be riding again.
Chris on Suicidal Tendencies (Photo Cred: Alex Smith)

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