Sunday, June 23, 2013

Long Sock Season

It is definitely "long sock season" up in the hills. The single track is barely visible through the "weeds". This year seems different though. It is not just really (really) long grass but wild flowers. So while it is incredibly itchy, it is also somewhat pretty. I am not sure if that makes it better or not. In the end if you are sans long socks, you legs will be uncomfortable to above the knees in spite of the beauty.
Just past the rock pile
Luckily last year I invested in long socks for us. This really helped while riding this week and made it bearable. That and the 28T chain ring Chris swapped onto my bike for me. I am so sluggish do to my size. It is amazing what an extra 15 pounds or so feel like going up hill. I looked forward to returning to my usual weight to strength ratio, but I know I still have the worse to come yet. None the less, this has been an eye opening experience as to the difference extra weight makes.

Start of Chris' race; you can't see him

Chris did the 3rd USCS race at Round Valley this weekend. This has never been a good venue for either of us. As a friend put it yesterday, it is just not a hard enough course for the Holley's. I am not sure if that is true, but it again did not favor Chris. He really struggled especially as he and Kevin Day (KDay) crossed the finish line.
I had a good time hanging out with the wives and doing hand-ups. We had a gaggle of racers to feed. I really enjoy doing this. I feel like I have more purpose being there. And I always enjoy seeing (and cheering) my friends while they suffer and race. So while Chris did not have such a good night, I did.

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