Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Draper ICUP

I raced Sundance again and this time it was fun. I think I am getting faster. I am definitely not fast per se, but getting to the point that I am having more fun. (Everyone knows fast=fun, right?)
Then I tried to take it easy over the weekend and raced on Monday (Memorial Day). There were nine pro women, NINE! That is a lot for our little series. Several moved on up from Expert. I hope they liked it as they deserved to be there in my opinion...mostly because they are faster than I am.
It was warm and the course was long. Most of it was pretty fun and I had a good time racing/riding my bike.
 I started thinking about Memorial Day though. Maybe it is because I don't do any real memorializing on this day and I feel guilty, but could we (and I don't necessarily know who "we" is) do more. I know it is the Stan Crane Memorial Race, but I don't know who Stan Crane is/was. I have been racing the series for years and I have never heard a thing about him. We don't really memorialize him during the race. There is no moment of silence for him or anything. So what if during this race, we actually made it a Memorial. Racers could select riders for whom they are riding. Racers or friends who have passed--most of knew or remember Patrick McKinght. Or service people. Anyone really. Those names could be put on stickers and placed on number plates, helmets, or someplace. Then conversations could start about those we have lost.
I don't know it is just an idea that came to me as I was suffering during this race. I thought I would put it "out there".
Here are some photos from the race thanks to the Powers.

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