Monday, January 05, 2015

New Year's Resolution

One of my New Year's Resolutions is to start keeping this blog updated again. The past year was tough trying to juggle everything. Hopefully, this year will be better. So this is my comeback.

Last year I was disappointed in my performances. I think it is because I had unrealistic expectations. None the less, it made training and competing hard. I felt better towards the end of the year, but still feel as like there is lots of room for improvement. I also hope to train enough to feel confident going into some endurance events. I have always enjoyed (relatively speaking) longer races. Last year I did not feel like I could train or was fit enough to enjoy these events and be competitive. That is what I am aiming to do this year.

The plan...yes, I know I need a plan. I am still working on this. I know that I need to shed some poundage in order to be competitive. So to start of the year I have a diet plan--cutting out sugar and focusing on whole, real foods--to hopefully attain this portion of the goal.

Last year I failed to focus on strength. In the past I would yoga as my strength/core training. I hope to return to this and need to also work some additional core training into my schedule. (Note to self: Do this.)

The rest is just ride and recover as much as possible.

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