Monday, January 12, 2015

Trip Success

It can sometimes be difficult to know if a trip was worth it. Does traveling some 250 plus miles to ride bikes make sense? Sometimes it seems much more worthwhile than others.
We did it this weekend. Chris and I each rode about six hours or so in the Green Valley and Santa Clara areas. Chris seems to believe that having someone to ride with is part of making it worthwhile, so when he heard he could have a riding partner he was game to make the trip. Personally, I do  prefer to ride with someone--I just think it is safer--but I don't find it a necessity.
I was lucky and a friend joined me for a bit and then I rode on my own. I was able to hit Zen, the race course, Barrel Cacti, all the Rim trails, Barrel Roll, Sidewinder and Suicidal.
It would have been nice to hit some of the Hurricane stuff. I was thinking Church Rocks, Prospector, etc, but it did not work. None the less, I thought is was a good trip.
Then I saw a token polygamous. Trip success.

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