Sunday, March 01, 2015

This whole blogging thing is much more difficult these days. I can remember when it was easy to get out for rides and the issue was being over trained as opposed to under trained. As Chris says I should be getting 12 hours in the saddle per week, I am pretty shy of that.
I try to make my rides count though. The weather has been cooperative for the most part. It may be the best February ever. I have had a bit of bad luck here and there though. The trip to St. George where I did not ride. It started raining mid ride or it would snow--on both these occasions though I waited through it and the weather turned delightful.

Rain coming down at Slate Canyon
Every once in a while I go out for an easy ride to just spin the legs. These used to be hard to do because I would always end up pushing too hard. Now they are easier. I just bring a lil' friend with me and cruise.

 I did have the opportunity to ride Camp Lynda. It was 90 plus miles in two days as day three was a rain out for me. It was kinda like the old days but Chris wasn't there so not quite as good.

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Ashleigh Cramer said...

That's a cute little friend you get to take with you.